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Our lightcovers is a customer favorite. They bring a more complete feeling to your sled and tops it of with that little extra

A custom made

Can't you find the decal kit that you are looking for? And you want your design to be unique? Buy our custom kit and get help from our designers to create the decal kit of your dreams.



Here is ZR200

ZR200, a requested model developed for future generation racers!

Details details details

SweTown has always strived at beeing a creative force within the sledwraps industry and leading development of new materials

“Dare to be seen” and thats how we work. We challenge ourselves to always bring new creative designs to life and that has been a winning concept for us

We live for racing

Our passion is racing and snowmobiles. That's where we started out and got our first feedback and saw our first creations come to life. It wasn't the easiest place to start as racing is hard on materials, but it gave us a problem to solve and today even if we still try and develop new materials, we know what sticks.

During Snowcross Championship 2015, Marcus Ogemar took the win in a wrap from SweTown and proved our products are among the best in the world!

Different materials

We offer a lot of different materials and are constantly trying and developing new materials for our sledwraps. The fact is since day one this is where we have been leading in the industry and why your new sledwrap from SweTown will be the best looking, and developed from the best materials


Dare to be seen

Our new material is something we are proud of

With our new material we are show where the development of sledwaps are heading.

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