let us introduce swetown

About us

SweTown is best known for its various types of graphic solutions in snowmobiling, ATV, UTV, Cross and more. But we also have a long experience in various areas such as picture decor, whole foilings, logos and profile manuals. We are used to working with both large international companies and smaller local companies. No matter who you are and what you choose to hire us for, you can be sure that the result will be of the highest quality.

Our history

A strong company is created by a strong vision. That is why we think it is particularly nice that Swetown both has and had a strong vision right from the start. The vision and idea has always been to provide graphic products of the highest class, with innovative and creative design. Early on, motor sports and especially snowmobiling were something that we was passionate about. The target was set early on to become one of the largest Nordic suppliers of decal kits for snowmobiles, among other things. Right from the start we had some advantages as we had long experience of both snowmobile cross and classic sign decor and could therefore combine knowledge with experience and convert this into a product. It was also obvious that all our decal kits would be created, tested and inspired by the demands and needs of motorsport. Today, Swetown is one of the largest in the Nordic in snowmobile decal kits. Today, Swetown provides everything from decal kits to snowmobiles to regular banners and photo decks but still with the same vision as from the beginning. To deliver products of absolute world class.

Our new material is something we are proud of

With our new material we are show where the development of sledwaps are heading.

SweTown Reklam AB
Org.nummer: 556885-2486

Arenavägen 4
831 32 Östersund