Not every kit, but on most of our standard kits you can change the color. If you can’t change the color that you would like on the website you can write to us in the comment field. We will then contact you with a suggestion.

Yes you can add logotypes on the completed decals. Write to us in the comment field about your request. Most of the logotypes we already have, but if we wouldn’t have the requested logotype we want you to send it to us in vector format.
It will cost extra and the delivery time could take longer.


Normally it takes around 4-5 workdays. But under our most busy seasons it could take around 5-9 workdays. The delivery time may take another week for abroad.
We don’t have any decal kits in stock. Everything is fabricated when the order is made.



When you order a custom kit you will be placed in our queuing system. The time it takes for you to get your first suggestion from us is all depending on how many custom kits we have in queue. The delivery time is basically depending on how fast this process takes and until you as a customer are satisfied with the finished product.
We take 6 designs at a time and the general time for the delivery could take around 2-4 weeks. We always prioritize orders made from our website.

You order your custom kit on our website here (Länk). We want you to write as extensively as possible. For example, what color, motive and logotypes you would like to have. You could also send a picture on another design. After that you will be placed in our queuing system and wait for a suggestion from us.

Depending on the shipping company and the delivery methods the notifications could look different. But when the package is delivered you will get a notification.
If you have any questions about your delivery you can contact us. (Link)

As it is today we can not give you information on the website about where your decal kit is in the production. But when your order is about to be delivered to you, you will get a notification from the shipping company that handle the shipment on your order.

We are recommending you to remove all the original decals before you apply your decal kit. The reason is that our decals have stronger glue than the originals. And we can not give any guarantees that the decals will stick if you put them on the original decals.

It’s hard to give an exact answer. If it is your first time it could take longer time and be harder to apply. But it is possible. We deliver a large number of decal kits every year and a lot of those decals are for customer that never have apply before.

Remove grease and dirt with with alcohol cleaning. In some cases it is necessary to use glue removal products. If you use glue removal its very important that you clean with alcohol afterwards. Else the glue on the decals risk to be destroyed by the glue removal.

It depends a lot on weather you have done it before or not. And what kind of machine it is. But in general around 2-8 hours.

We do application work here. But in our most busy season there is a very long waiting time. Time book well in advance.

Yes, we deliver both internationally and nationally.

Yes, you can order just the part that are damaged. You need to send a picture of the part on the scooter that need a new decal. We also need your address and phone number to be able to send the new parts to you.

There’s no difference in the quality. However, it is experienced in different ways. Like this video shows (Link)

On this link you can download our applying instructions. (Länk)

80% light comes through.

We are happy to answer your questions. But depending on the season and amount of jobs we have, the question is how to best contact us. We prefer to be contacted by mail but you can also call us. We do not however answer questions either in facebook or instagram.

The decal kit itself is legal. On the other hand there is some things on the scooter that have to be visible. For example the registration plate must be legally visible. Also on the new scooters there is a chassis number that must be visible.
It is you as the driver that need to take responsibility for the vehicle to meet the requirements that exist. We take no responsibility for any penalties.

More information is coming soon.

You have 3 month warranty on your decals. in order to be able to make a warranty case, we always request to get a picture documentation of the damage and from there we assess whether the warranty is valid or not.

we have many collaborations today with both individuals, larger groups and stores. At the present, however, we do not take on any new partners or ambassadors. This is moat because we want to develop the collaborations we already have.

Yes that’s possible. We have most of the models from 2005 onwards. Due to demand we do not have all the models on the website. but you can contact us if the model you want does not exist on the website.

You can make your own design. We have special design templates that you can download here (Link)

No our templates are not for sale.

We don’t want to make a copy of other designs. But we would like to make something better.

You cannot currently order a decal kit for your racing machine through the website. It must be ordered by mail. Good to know is that we want all logos in vector format.

Return policy applies only to standard kits from our website. The right of return does not apply if the kit is custom made or in anyway modified. for example, changed colors ord added logotypes.

You can find giftcards here (länk)

You as a reseller automatically get a reseller price from us. If you are interested in becoming a reseller for us, welcome to contact us.

We are a proud supplier to sledstore. Questions regarding delivery are asked to sledstore. However, questions regarding guarantees are asked directly to us. You can read about our guarantees here (Link)

Swetown is most famous for our decal kits for scooters. But what many do not know is that we also manufacture signs, banners, car decor and also wrapping cars. Read more about our services and products here (link)

Yes you can add logotypes on the completed decals. Write to us in the comment field about your request. Most of the logotypes we already have, but if we wouldn’t have the requested logotype we want you to send it to us in vector format.
It will cost extra and the delivery time could take longer.

Our new material is something we are proud of

With our new material we are show where the development of sledwaps are heading.

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