How we work with different materials

We offer many different alternatives on our materials and we are also constantly working on developing new ones for our decals.
In fact, we have been the market leader in this area since the beginning.
Everything in order for your decal kit to be the very latest and most neat out there.
At present, we have three different options so that as many different types of riders will be able to find exactly what they are looking for and demand.

We have chosen to divide our materials into three main categories



Our REX material is one of our true servants. Since 2012 we have delivered our scooter kits on this material and it has proven to be a winning alternative both on the Racing track and in the tough free-riding environments. The material also has good properties for mounting as it is extra easy to work with for those who are not experienced of mounting scooter kits. All of our standard kits now come with the REX material as standard.
This material can also be combined with glossy or matte laminate.


If you want to stand out a little extra, our Neon material is the right way to go. The material is fluorescent and therefore fits perfectly in snowy climates. With Neon material there is no risk of losing the scooter in the wild.
Our neon kits can be combined with glossy or matte laminate.


Our metallic material fits all kinds of kits and gives an end result with depth and an exclusive feeling. To get the most out of our metallic material, we recommend that it be used on colorful designs.
By small metal flakes in the material, the metallic material shines in different lighting conditions.

Our new material is something we are proud of

With our new material we are show where the development of sledwaps are heading.

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